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Optimate Distribution Services

Bringing the Future in your practice, today.

Optimate Distribution Services

Bringing the Future in your practice, today.

ODS is a network of independent brokers that share in subsidized outsourced services to improve practice efficiencies and profits by sharing in the revenue generated from various distribution agreements.  Increased regulation has brought more transparency to the world of financial services. The value proposition of a financial advisor is what will define their future roles with educated clients. Robo-advice, direct marketing, lower commissions and fees and default options by the Retirement industry, will further challenge and define the relevance of a financial advisor. The quality of advice and service, regular contact and professional support will be minimum requirements by clients and increase the cost to continue managing an effective, relevant and profitable practise.

“Outsourcing of certain roles, responsibilities, and services have grown in popularity internationally.”

Optimate Distribution Services has negotiated distribution contracts with multiple product & service providers. 

The product offering includes:

  • P2 x Netco agreements with Life Assurers
  • P5 Investments specialists
  • P2 Administrators
  • PInvestment options include: THE OPTIMAL RANGE
  • P Proprietary interactive software for ease of client portfolio management doing business
  • PAccess to The Optimatehub, our interactive client portal

Our Focus

•  To create an independent support business
    in line with worldwide trends
•  Being part of a Co-operative as a buying
•  Negotiate lower investment fees and general
    product charges
•  Reducing the cost and burden on advisor
    practices by outsourcing para-planning, data
    management and reporting
•  Access to specialists in; tax management and
   administration, business assurance planning,
   estate administration and planning and
•  Employee Benefit Consulting, treasury
•  Share in the outsourcing of distribution fees
   paid by product houses
•  Assist in developing E-advice services
•  A cost driven focus contrary to a profit
   driven focus to the benefit of participants
   and clients

ODS Services on Offer


Financial freedom can only be achieved when an individual has a clear understanding of their current financial status, know where potential shortfalls are and have a road map in place to assist them in achieving their objectives.

At ODS, we assist the financial planner to build sustainable all-weather investment portfolios that are relevant, flexible & supported by E-advice solutions.


•  Call center making appointments for brokers
•  Pre-population of application forms
•  Data upload and para-planning (Snappshott)
•  E-advice guidance – Snappshott, Clearslide, Weekdone, and E-Sign
•  Digitization of the broker practice and assistance with e-advice, digital task management, and OKR (production) management


•  Negotiate and pay for fixed-, operational- and administration costs
•  Centralized application pre-population of application forms
•  Centralized data capturing service
•  Access to software: Snappshott, Secured Signing, Clearslide, Weekdone
•  Software training


•  Being collective of the buying group improves our negotiating power
•  Meets the needs of its participants
•  Reduces product and service costs for the participants and clients
•  A cost driven focus contrary to a profit driven focus to the benefit of participants and clients

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Access the Full Experience

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